Sure do talk about your boyfriend a lot

bc I wuv him

was just wondering but is ur bf driving a "jeep" by any chance?

Lol nah


22 and 30.

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I don't know why people go on anon to call you beautiful, but you are beautiful 👸

:) thank you sugga

Hi 💞 I have this problem and u seem like your good w/ advice 😰 so I have this bf for 1 year & 7 months . He's the sweetest guy who's always taking care for me buying me food there for me when I cry , Everything . But he has a short temper and gets angry easily , when we argue not all the time but sometimes he yells at me and I've told him to not or he will lose me and he says I'm sorry cries and asks me to go to couple counseling with him that he wants to change he doesn't want to lose me

work with him, don’t give up on him just yet. Give him the chance to change, and if he says he wants too allow him to prove that to you.

Your gorgeous 😍😍

thank you bby

does your boyfriend have a twitter or etc? you guys are super cute. 😍

he has no social networks